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Canegrowers Mackay has been involved with Reef Rescue one and two, both on the Regional Working Group, and with implementation.

The Mackay region had some impressive results:
1. There were 516 soil management projects, having a positive impact on 97,686 hectares of cane land.
2. There were 375 nutrient management projects, covering 60,736 hectares.
3. There were 379 chemical management projects, covering 63,167 hectares
4. There were 214 on farm water management projects, covering 17,333 hectares
5. Growers contributed two thirds of the project costs, with Reef Rescue funding covering one third, a significant investment across the region.
Cane growing in Mackay

Canegrowers Mackay has also been involved in the Smartcane Best Management Practice (BMP) program which has been initiated across the region. Smartcane BMP supports industry validated practices that sustain productivity, profitability, environmental stewardship and encourages continuous improvement through extension and training support. The Smartcane BMP program is acknowledged and supported by the State and Commonwealth Governments, as the preferred way to engage with Growers and improve practices into the future.

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