2018 Cultural Heritage Report Card

The 2018 report card (released in 2019) presents the second assessment of the Indigenous cultural heritage indicators. Twenty-three sites were assessed across four zones, which included islands of the Whitsundays, St Helens, Cape Hillsborough and, for the first time, Cape Palmerston.

The 2018 report card assessment further developed, refined, streamlined and simplified the 2015 Indigenous cultural heritage indicators and scoring system. While the indicators remained the same, the 2018 assessment gave a more balanced and culturally appropriate picture, with greater emphasis on Traditional Owner values and perspectives.

Site types that were assessed include shell middens and scatters, rock shelters, paintings, engravings, stone artefacts, quarries, stone resources and fish traps.

You can view the Indigenous cultural heritage assessment here.

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What are the Cultural Heritage scores for the 2018 report card?

The final report card score for the Indigenous cultural heritage assessment of the Mackay-Whitsunday-Isaac region for the 2018 report card was a C. There was some improvement to scores for the St Helens zone in 2018, compared to the 2015 report card. However, this improvement was primarily due to changes to methods for assessing sites rather than improvements in physical condition. Future report cards were recommended to include Indigenous cultural heritage assessments of sites around the Mackay city region, where this assessment has not occurred to-date.

Table of scores.

St Helens


Whitsunday Islands


Cape Hillsborough


Cape Palmerston

Table measures.


This assessment was undertaken for the Mackay-Whitsunday Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership, thanks to the collaboration of the Mackay-Whitsunday-Isaac Traditional Owner Reference Group (TORG) who represent the Yuwibara, Koinjmal/Koinmerburra, Barada/Widi, and Ngaro/Gia/Juru Traditional Owners of the Mackay-Whitsunday-Isaac region, Reef Catchments (Mackay-Whitsunday-Isaac) Limited and external associates Markwell and Associates.

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