We have compiled answers to some frequently asked questions about the Partnership. If you require further information, please contact us. 

What is the Partnership?

The Partnership is a collaboration between community, Traditional Owners, industry, agriculture, tourism, science, fishers, and all levels of government with an interest in waterway health across five regional basins, estuaries, and the adjacent marine areas and the Great Barrier Reef.

Partners have a common vision to provide a more complete picture of waterway health, contributing to a prosperous and iconic region where people visit, live, work, and play.

Partners support this vision by providing funding and resources, and by contributing monitoring data where available.

When was the Partnership established?

The Partnership was formally established in October 2014 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Additionally, a consolidated set of agreements have been developed and agreed upon by the Partnership to ensure that all Partners have a common understanding of the governance and operation of the Partnership.

What are the Partnership's aims and objectives?

The Partnership has come together with a shared vision for healthy rivers and reef contributing to a prosperous and iconic region where people visit, live, work, and play. The primary purpose of the Partnership is to develop an annual Mackay-Whitsunday regional waterway health report card. The report card uses the best independent science and integrates a range of GBR-wide and regional monitoring programs to measure waterway health in an environmental, social, economic, and cultural context. By drawing on information from existing monitoring programs, duplications and gaps can be identified, and more easily communicated to the community in a cost effective way.

Who are the Partners?

How can I join?

Membership of the Partnership is open to organisations or community representatives with an interest in maintaining, and where necessary improving waterway health of the five basins, the urban area of Mackay, the ports of Abbot Point, Mackay and Hay Point, marinas and the adjacent coastal marine areas of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Membership contributions are tiered according to the type and size of the member organisation and payable on an annual basis. Our Partners nominate a representative to attend and contribute to Partnership meetings and forums; and to manage the connections, relationships and opportunities that are generated through the Partnership.

Find out more about joining the Partnership here.

What are the benefits of membership to the Partnership?

Improve your business’s triple bottom line. Invest in your community and environment.

Regional priorities. We advocate for regional priorities identified by the Partnership.

Collaboration. Partners form valuable connections, and co-invest on projects where synergies naturally exist.

Robust data with integrity. We provide a baseline that can be used by decision-makers to initiate informed waterway management actions.

Have a seat at the table. The Partnership represents one of the only local channels to be a formal part of waterway health, with support from different levels of government.

Stability and engagement. More than 80% of current Partners are founding members.

Influence our future, and promote your commitment. Have a say in how the Partnership evolves, and use provided material to promote your involvement.

Does the Partnership undertake on-ground work?

The Partnership’s primary purpose is the development of the annual waterway health report card and addressing data gaps. As data gaps are filled, the report card will better highlight priority areas for investment on new, innovative, and enhanced management activities. Currently the Partnership showcases the programs, including on-ground projects, undertaken by Partners aimed at improving waterway health, via the Activities Spotlight and associated mapping project.

Who hosts the Partnership?

Reef Catchments has been endorsed by the Partnership as host organisation for the Partnership. Reef Catchments represent an excellent host for the Partnership due to their involvement in extensive regional initiatives directly relevant to the Partnership and the annual waterway health report card.

Do I have to become a member to support the Partnership?

We offer a Supporter option for businesses and organisations who want to show their support for waterway health, but do not have the time and resources to invest in meetings and active contribution. Supporters pay $500 or greater p/annum, which does not include voting rights.

Find out more about our Supporter option here.