Technical Results and Methods

See the Results Report for detailed results for each indicator and site, and the 2022 Methods Report for detailed sampling and scoring methodology.

2022 Results


2022 Methods


The Report Card assesses the condition of waterways in the Mackay-Whitsunday-Isaac region and is usually released in July each year. We integrate a range of data from different monitoring programs to provide grades for freshwater, estuary, and marine environments, as well as human dimensions indicators including cultural heritage value, litter pressures, and urban water management.

By understanding how climate, population, development and land use affect our waterways at a regional level, we can inform management responses and actions tailored to our local area. We strive to provide a complete picture of regional waterway health.

For more information on the Report Card, check out our extensive FAQs.

Our latest Report Card was released in July 2023, and reports on waterway condition between July 2021 and June 2022. You can read the Report Card online, or download a pdf version.