Charlie Morgan, Chair

Charlie joined the Partnership as Chair in 2023. A passionate advocate for the health of our waterways and Great Barrier Reef, Charlie brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in environmental management projects across regional Queensland, Australia and overseas.


Jaime Newborn, Executive Officer

As our Executive Officer, Jaime leads the direction of the Partnership and oversees the day-to-day activities. Jaime has a background in communications and engagement, working across various sectors including education and environmental sustainability. Jaime enjoys building connections with others, and works closely with our Partners to deliver improved waterway outcomes for the Mackay-Whitsunday-Region.

Brie Sherow

Brie Sherow, Senior Technical Officer

Brie is a marine and data scientist with a master’s in environmental management specialising in coastal policy and a master’s in marine science with a focus on marine debris. Her role at the Partnership is leading the collation and analysis of the monitoring data that is included in our Report Card and other technical reports.

Her background is in community development and disaster recovery, having worked in post-earthquake Christchurch in the non-profit and private sectors. She has also worked intermittently as a scuba instructor and is passionate about the marine environment.

Cinzia Cattaneo

Cinzia Cattaneo, Project Officer

Cinzia has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science and a Master’s degree in Marine Environmental Protection. She participated in the SEAMaP project in the Philippines with the assessment of plastic pollution impacts on fiddler and sesarmid crabs, contributing to the strategic plans for the conservation and restoration of mangrove forest. Originally from Italy, Cinzia moved to Australia to pursue her passion for the marine environment.  As a member of the Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership, Cinzia manages various waterway related projects that contribute to the Report Card, and coordinates technical and project-related activities of the Partnership.

Rebekah Smith

Rebekah Smith, Communications and Community Engagement Officer

Rebekah looks after the communications and engagement activities of the Partnership, including connecting with the different partner organisations and community groups.

With a background in journalism, Rebekah translates technical information and waterway monitoring results for the broader community and enjoys sharing stories of waterway stewardship across the Mackay-Whitsunday-Isaac Region.