Reef Catchments has funded an Impact Assessment post Cyclone Debbie to take stock of the current priority areas for remediation works and enable disaster recovery funding to be obtained. The assessment highlighted a significant level of damage to coastal foreshore areas, and riparian areas and water ways within the region. Reef Catchments was active in exploring options with state agencies and local government to ensure the recovery and restoration of these natural areas is undertaken.

Monitoring Organisation Reef Catchments

Name Katrina Dent

Phone 4968 4207


Position in organisation General Manager

Activity Type science and research (e.g. monitoring activities, trials of innovative practices or new equipment)

Activity Indicators water quality in freshwater river basins

Activity location O'Connell catchment, Pioneer catchment, Plane catchment, Proserpine catchment

Frequency of monitoring

Monitoring Start Date 01/04/2017


Location of monitoring data

Date quality / confidence

Collaborators Cane Growers, Whitsunday Regional Council,

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