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Stream bank erosion is a major source of sediment in many watercourses. This has multiple implications including degrading water quality, reducing ecosystem habitat and the loss of agricultural land on productive alluvial floodplains.

One of the focuses for improving water quality and ecosystem health in the Mackay Whitsunday region is to stabilise stream banks.

Stabilising the stream bank on the O'Connell-River

Recently, a study has been undertaken to assess stream bank loss and stability of the O’Connell River. A significant proportion of the sediment supply is understood to be from channel erosion with the report seeking to understand the cause of erosion, identify the locations of significant sediment loss, the extent in which it is happening and also the potential for future channel erosion along the river.

With major sites identified, Reef Catchments has been engaging landholders to implement bank stabilisation projects which will halt the loss of sediment from the banks and allow the alluvial plains to continue to be utilised for agricultural production.

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