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Snorkelling in The Waters of The Coral Cay

29 January 2020

Mackay Tourism has joined the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership as the 30th partner in improving waterway health. The Partnership provide funding to support rigorous science monitoring and reporting on the health of our waterways.

“Nature based tourism and agritourism is a focus for our region and our organisation,” said Mackay Tourism CEO, Tas Webber.

“Activities such as snorkelling, swimming and recreational fishing all rely on healthy waterways, it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure clean creeks and rivers feeding directly into the Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

“We are committed to contributing and investing in the initiatives that support our natural assets.”

2020 marks the fifth year of the Partnership which brings together diverse organisations representing all sectors including local, state and federal government, conservation, ports and coal, tourism, agriculture, Traditional Owners and more.

“Our recent stewardship report is a showcase of the range of on the ground activities our Partners are doing to improve our waterways,” said Mackay-Whitsunday Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership Chair, Julie Boyd.

“Collaboration between industry sectors helps us set regional priorities and provides a united voice to influence investment in our region.

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