Role of the Partnership



Healthy rivers and Reef contributing to a prosperous region where people live, work and play.


The Mackay-Whitsunday Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership will operate on the following principles:

  • Rigorous science – All science products produced will be reviewed using robust independent science.
  • Openness and honesty – Report card results and supporting data will be made publicly available.
  • Community education – The report card will contribute to ensuring the Mackay-Whitsunday community understand the health of their catchments, rivers and reef, and how management actions could bring improvements. 
  • Communication – Information on the progress of the Partnership and the management responses of partners will be regularly communicated to the community.
  • Continuous improvement – The report card will be designed based on the best available information, but will evolve over time to incorporate contemporary approaches to report cards and new sources or types of information (such as social and economic indicators).


The members are committed to delivering the following objectives to establish the Mackay-Whitsunday Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership:

  • Communicate information effectively and at a relevant scale to the community on waterway health issues with scientific integrity, independence and transparency.
  • Support decision making for management activities and interventions, model outcomes and report on effectiveness of those interventions.
  • Be specific to the Mackay-Whitsunday Region and consistent with other regional waterway report cards, including South-East Queensland, Gladstone and Fitzroy.
  • Provide effective, coordinated, strategic and transparent investment to ensure the cost-effective development of an annual report card, and associated solutions to improve the health of the catchment. 
  • Consolidate and integrate outputs from ambient and event monitoring programs, as well as different modelling platforms.
  • Provide scientific information that may assist in improving or maintaining the environmental, social and economic values of the Don, Proserpine, O’Connell, Pioneer, and Plane catchments, rivers and adjacent reef.
  • Deliver more innovative approaches to understanding catchment- wide cumulative impacts and communicating that more effectively to the broader community.
  • Respond to the results of the report card in a tangible manner using on-ground solutions capable of delivering environmental, social, economic and cultural improvements.
  • Provide scientific information to feed into planning activities of Natural Resource Management (NRM) bodies, councils, ports and other partners; and
  • Build upon, complement and enhance existing efforts of members.