Stories of Stewardship in the Whitsunday, Mackay and Isaac region over 2020 and 2021.

A Stewardship Report brought to you
by the Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership.


The Stewardship Report – Above and Beyond created by the Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership (HR2RP) is a celebration of sustainability initiatives enacted in the Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday region. These actions undertaken by the partnership organisations, individuals, local business and community organisations with the aim to improve our environment and importantly, our communities waterway health.

So why a stewardship report?

In recognising that the Report Card demonstrates results and technical data the HR2RP partnership identified that there was an opportunity to showcase the activities that aim to improve these scores.

In 2019 we launched the inaugural Stewardship Report with the mission of sharing a handful of the great stories that give you a snapshot of the improved outcomes that are being achieved. These stories demonstrate the significant work that is being led by active members in the partnership and undertaken in our community.

What will you find in this edition?

The last 18 months have been jam packed, and in this second edition you will find 20 stories of organisations that have gone “Above and Beyond” for waterway health. In one piece you will learn about how regional councils are working to manage urban water across the Great Barrier Reef region. In another, how best management farming practices can help keep nutrients on farms. In another, how gross-pollutant traps in stormwater drains are reducing the flow of litter to the reef, and helping to inform source management plans. In this year’s edition, we take a deep dive into marine debris and plastics collected by ReefCheck and what you at home can do to stop contaminants from entering our waterways.

This year’s Stewardship Report – Above and Beyond is intended to be read alongside the 2020 Report Card. We hope you enjoy reading these stories, and learning more about the HR2RP members and their work.

Read the latest Stewardship Report below