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Fish Health And Pesticides in Our Region: Answering Your Questions

Recently, there have been important questions raised about our report card scores on fish health and pesticides in our region. Our Partnership has worked with waterway health experts from around Queensland to answer your questions, and see how we can work together to better understand these issues. These questions will be answered in an article, […]


Signs of repair from Tropical Cyclone Debbie are starting to show in the region’s seagrass meadows, demonstrating that ecosystem recovery takes time. The latest waterway health scores for the region were released today, with half of the sites scoring a B or “good” grade. The annual waterway health report card is produced annually by the […]

Additional funding for Reef Partnerships

Healthy Reef waterways are the focus of a $1.8 million funding boost from the Morrison Government to engage reef communities in the continued community monitoring and reporting on water quality and waterway health in regional reef catchments. Water quality reporting through partnerships between councils, industry, research and community groups, are an important factor in improving […]

Fish barrier indicator update

Monitoring for the 2019 report card included an updated fish barrier indicator to better reflect the current health of our region’s estuaries. Using a combination of aerial imagery and field surveys, fisheries ecologists at Catchment Solutions catalogued and estimated the impact of fish barriers in regional estuaries, which translated into a fish barrier ‘grade’ for […]