Crocodile on bank of Proserpine River.The Proserpine River basin is located between Bowen and Proserpine and covers 2,494 km2. It is home to the Proserpine River, which flows into Lake Proserpine (Peter Faust Dam), past the urban area of Proserpine and drains into Repulse Bay.

Approximately 11.1% of the basin by land area is part of a wetland system. Of this, 44% is estuarine, 23% is palustrine, 15.5% is riverine in nature and 15.4% is artificial, or highly modified in nature.

Within the basin 76 species of animal/plant are endemic to Queensland, whilst 42 species of plant/animal are rare or threatened, including the Proserpine rock wallaby and the Australian painted snipe.

Sugarcane (17% of the basin) and grazing (51% of the basin) are the main agricultural activities present alongside some minor horticultural activity. 25% of the basin is made up of State Forests/National Parks.

The Proserpine basin includes the urban areas of Proserpine and Airlie Beach and represents a significant tourism hotspot, with 45% of all tourism numbers from the GBR being concentrated into 0.1% of the marine park (the Whitsunday area). The basin is entirely within the Whitsunday Local Government Area.

Area: 2,494 km2

Main town: Proserpine

Land use: Mixture- grazing, sugar cane and a small amount of horticulture. Significant tourism use in the Airlie Beach area.

Major rivers: Proserpine

Wetland area: 276 km2

Biodiversity: 2079 native spp/vagrants, 76 qld endemic spp, 42 rare or threatened species