Partner pledges

2018 was International Year of the Reef, and through this initiative, our Partners put forward some fantastic and diverse pledges that themselves and their organisations would commit to, to help look after our Great Barrier Reef and coral reef worldwide. See our Partner’s pledges here.

ReefBlitz 2018- Marine debris event

In October 2018, as part of the International Year of the Reef (IYOR) celebrations, the Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership co-funded ReefBlitz marine debris clean up events in our local region. ReefBlitz is an annual citizen science event that involves a variety of projects up and down the Great Barrier Reef coastline and practical actions, contributing to a snapshot of catchment and reef health. In the below table, you will find a snapshot of the ReefBlitz surveys conducted.

CatchmentSiteDateNumber of volunteersWeight (kg)Number of itemsArea (ha)Land/sea indexTop items
ProserpineShute Harbour31/102739840641.381/192021 cigarette butts
ProserpineCoral Esplanade, Cannonvale17/102437.56140.9597/2190 cigarette butts, packaging, 86 plastic food, 52 paper/cardboard
O’ConnellRabbit and Newry Islands4/1131 / 226029101519/811070 bits of hard plastic, 421 lids/tops
O’ConnellBlacks Beach23/105 / 2041371071/2932 cigarette butts
PioneerTown Beach14/10193711403.542/58488 bits of hard plastic, 100 cigarette butts
PioneerSandyfly Creek/River St Park16/103 / 2016109014.3100/0422 bits of broken glass, 274 cigarette butts
PlaneHalf Tide Beach19/109 / 20167763.626/74460 bits of hard plastic, 121 lids, 51 plastic bags
PlaneGrasstree Beach31/10174516844/56200 bits of hard plastic