There are currently two different seagrass monitoring programs in the Mackay-Whitsunday region: the Marine Monitoring Program (MMP) and the Queensland Ports Seagrass Monitoring Program (QPSMP). The two programs have different aims, which means that they do not measure the same seagrass attributes nor do they use the same methodologies.

The QPSMP measures seagrass composition, area and biomass indicators while the MMP reports abundance, reproduction and nutrient status indicators. The seagrass scores in the 2015-2017 report cards are based on an interim approach to reporting seagrass condition that uses the indicators from both of the programs. Indicator scores are averaged at the site level and then the average of the site scores provide an overall seagrass score. Work is underway to completely integrate the data from the two programs so that the same indicators are used to report seagrass across the reporting zones in subsequent report cards.

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