More than 60 growers gathered in Walkerston in December 2016 to find out more about how to make soil health work in their favour. Participants heard from local farmers who are using and trialling soil health techniques on-farm, as well as from soil experts, to learn more on what can work.

Guest presenter, Kym Kruse, from RegenAG held a hands-on soil workshop the following day, allowing growers the chance to get their hands dirty. Jacob Betros, event coordinator and Reef Catchments Regional Landcare Facilitator, said the two days were designed to help growers and industry share ideas and outcomes. There is increased interest in soil health shown by good attendance numbers. The symposium gives growers a chance to talk to each other and to hear from soil experts on how they can benefit by making soil health a priority.

Currently farmers are facing a lot of challenges including declining yields, poor soil health, and the desire to reduce nitrogen inputs. Margins are getting tighter. It’s not about throwing out chemical fertilisers altogether, but it’s about getting a balance that leads to both economic and sustainability benefits.

The Healthy Soils Symposium is an annual event.

Monitoring Organisation Reef Catchments

Name Katrina Dent

Phone 4968 4207


Position in organisation General Manager

Activity Type educational initiatives (e.g. schools programs, community initiatives)

Activity Indicators water quality in freshwater river basins

Activity location Pioneer catchment

Frequency of monitoring

Monitoring Start Date 01/07/2016


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