A revegetation program along the new Grendon Creek Diversion Channel constructed inside the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) rail balloon loop was undertaken in late 2015 with maintenance works completed in 2016. The construction of the new rail loop dam project by Golding Contractors meant that an existing section of the old Grendon Creek alignment (that falls within the rail loop) has been relocated outside of the new dam footprint. A SLCMA revegetation team was formed to plant a total of 3000 native tube stock plants. Planting commenced on October 21st and was completed on October 30th 2015. The native plants were planted out, fertilised, watered and protected by tree guards and jute matting. Planting this number of tubestock in a short space of time was a substantial effort . All plants were supplied by the SLCMA community nursery. An additional area at Dalrymple Coal Terminal spillway was revegetated in 2016.

Monitoring Organisation Sarina Landcare Catchment Management Association Inc.

Name Saskia von Fahland

Phone 07 4956 1388


Position in organisation Coordinator

Activity Type land management (e.g. revegetation, pest and weed management)

Activity Indicators water quality in freshwater river basins

Activity location Plane catchment

Frequency of monitoring

Monitoring Start Date 01/07/2015


Location of monitoring data

Date quality / confidence

Collaborators Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal

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