Tourism operators in the Whitsundays are passionate about reef protection and regularly assist the GBRMPA by gathering data to guide their management of the GBR World Heritage Area.

As frequent visitors to the outer reef, fringing reefs and islands, tourism operators are well placed to provide information on changes at the reef and have been active in relaying this information back to the GBRMPA. Operators in the Whitsunday region have been trained and are conducting regular Rapid Monitoring Surveys, taking photos, taking secchi disc measurements (turbidity), and water temperature measurements. Operators have also been uploading information on wildlife sightings through the Eye on the Reef Ap.

Monitoring Organisation Tourism Whitsundays

Name Al Grundy

Phone 0417 588 248


Position in organisation Chairman

Activity Type science and research (e.g. monitoring activities, trials of innovative practices or new equipment)

Activity Indicators water quality in inshore marine zones

Activity location Offshore zone, Whitsunday inshore zone

Frequency of monitoring

Monitoring Start Date 01/07/2015


Location of monitoring data

Date quality / confidence

Collaborators Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

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