2018 Stewardship report

We released our first ‘management response’ report in 2019 – a compendium of Partner projects to showcase what the Partnership is doing to maintain or improve waterway health. Take a look here.








CSIRO/AIMS Causes of historical Water Quality decline in the Whitsundays

CSIRO/AIMS recently delivered a project (funded by the Australian Government) to investigate the historical decline in water quality experienced by tourism operators in the Whitsundays. Read the summary report here and the full report here.





2019-2022 Program Plan

The Partnership’s 2019-2022 Program Plan outlines our operational and strategic objectives, regional investment priorities, technical program and communications/engagement strategy. It also outlines budget information since the Partnership’s inception in 2014.





Cyclone Debbie Regional Feature

What does the Whitsunday region look like nearly 18 months after Cyclone Debbie?
View the feature. 

The Mackay-Whitsunday Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership has launched the first collective post-cyclone regional update for the state of the Whitsundays.

From river restoration and coral flipping, to tourism, and a 1902 ship equipped with state of the art monitoring equipment – the document focuses on the environmental and social impact of the cyclone, and the action that has since taken place.

“We are so excited to be able to help tell the recovery story of the Whitsunday region,” said Partnership Executive Officer, Charlie Morgan.



March 2018 Partners Forum 

Partners came together in March 2018 to discuss the future direction of the Partnership. Topics such as the role of the Partnership in response to report card results and priority projects to improve the report card were discussed in detail. Our full report contains all the key information from the event, whilst our 2 page summary is a useful quick reference.



Sandy Creek grower-led WQ case study

Concerned sugarcane growers in the Sandy Creek area initiated a water quality monitoring program in 2015/16 in response to high pesticide concentrations detected in routine catchment monitoring programs. Find out more about the project here.






Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership report summary 2014-2017.

Our Activities 2014-2017

In just three years, the Partnership has achieved a great deal.  We have produced an Annual Report Summary to highlight our activities since our inception. You can view/download it here.